XF 1.3 Permissions all set to no for all groups?

I'm not quite sure how this happened, I changed earlier today the registered users for one forum to not post new or reply new (hence locking that forum to read only for those users).

Logging in later now all my groups even admin are set to no for all permissions.. how can this be and more importantly how do I reset everything back to default?
Thanks, I actually set up a test demo site on Xenforo and looked and matched up permissions of each group, so I was able to get it sorted, but might be worth having row/column floating to the right maybe ghosted in for each permission which was the original installed default so people like us dont freak out or have to hunt for this data.. any thoughts and thanks.


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The defaults are really just that, not necessarily what everyone will use.

It has been suggested already I believe.


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I'd recommend keeping all permissions recorded in a spreadsheet. I do this and it's really useful not just as a backup but a handy reference. I've used it to ensure there is no permission duplication across groups.