Implemented [Suggestion] Alert for moved/merged/locked/deleted threads


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On large forums its often hard to manually PM a user when deleting, merging, moving a thread etc.. We do try and PM a user to advise them of the action, otherwise they can often be confused or angry that a thread has been deleted, when infact its been moved and the moved link has dropped off the first page in the forum.

It would be very useful to have a canned PM which can be edited & sent (optionally) when a mod performs an action so that the user concerned knows what's happened. They then also know which mod performed the action so if they want to query it, they can do.

It would save the mod team a lot of time by doing this.

This is especially useful when performing mod action on more than one thread.


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As the suggestions are essentially the same, I've merged the threads and tweaked the title slightly.


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Cheers. I have to admit I'd never heard of these alerts! lol - When they did they come into 3.8? We're currently on 3.8 Beta 2 at the moment.


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I think this is very important yes. It will help alot with running day to day tasks for admins and mods


It'd certainly be easier to keep track of what actions are taking place and if someone's abusing their powers!


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I also like this idea. I'd particularly like to see an alert regarding topics that are moved or merged. More than once I've been surprised to find myself in a different forum than I thought I was in. I generally don't mind if a moderator moves my topic to a more appropriate forum, but the forum ought to let me know this has happened.