Future fix Merged threads do not trigger an alert for watched threads


I was unable to find any report covering this doing a cursory search.

When a thread is merged with a bigger thread on your watch-list, shouldn't that be flagged as new posts and trigger an alert? Especially if you have not read the thread being merged?

An example would be the California Case Update thread and the threads created when there is a PACER update.

As far as I can see, I only got alerts when the larger thread was reopened and got new replies.
Are you describing the threads that were created from splitting the thread? Not merging as you're describing?

No, it's just like I described: I have the California Case Update thread on my watch-list, and fully expected that when a new thread, which was unread by me, was merged with the watched thread, this would trigger an alert with the next unread post being the post at the point of the merge. This does not appear to be the case.

Does it appear to work for you?
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