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Question for you: I did some customisation of templates but some small details are giving me a headache.
Although your How-to's are clear I cannot grasp a few things.
One of them is the input pop-up for images. The color of the link is transparant or the same color as the background. Result is the same: linktext is unreadable at this point.
I THINK I am looking for the class="textCtrl", as found in the editor_dialog_image.
I am not sure which css or template to modify to have the textcolor changed.
A little help would be appreciated.
Can you provide a screenshot, circling the area you want to change? I have a pretty good understanding of basic styling, such as links, and may be able to help.
Sorry, it's in Dutch.
It is the pop-up, in the text editor, after clicking the "insert picture" button.

Normally the line, where the address would come, is a lighter color (very dark grey). For some reason the snipping tool is making this black as well.
Don't get me wrong, Brogan.
It is not the way you explain these things, it is hard for me to find out which component it is I want to change.
Specifically the pop-up windows and (for example) the 'Alert' window. This question popped in today; the overlay of our Alert-window has almost the same overlay color (before reading the alert) as the text, in that same window.
With F12 IE gives me the code of the page itself. Not the Alert window. Also, if I could find it back; what is the overlay color called in the template or css.
As last I want to mention that English is not my mother language. So I have to translate it as well...
I hope this clearifies my 'problem'.
I have split the posts off to a new thread as they are really focussing on styling specific elements in your custom style.

One of the easiest ways of identifying an element is to search for a phrase which is used in that template.
For alerts, you could search the phrases for "liked your post".

From there it should be fairly easy to locate the template and the HTML and CSS.
Thanks Brogan.
And I do have to take my hat off to you. There are a lot of things I corrected/adapted/changed to our liking, with help of your documentation.

It is typical human behaviour: when things go right, no one complains... when things go wrong, all hell is breaking loose :D
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