XF 1.0 Style Properties II - A Closer Look

You've already seen how style properties provide a quick, easy, flexible and extensible way to control the appearance and behaviour of your styles.

In this video, you'll see them at work again, this time working directly on element appearance and styling. The demo touches on our use of the color palette (which is of course extensible in its own right) and shows some basic use of our CSS editor.


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As usual, this is a large, HD video. View it at full size using the expand gadget in the bottom right of the movie frame.
I'm sure if Kier decides to browse around in this thread, that means he is taking a break from coding intentionally. I also think it's not up to members to tell him what to do. These guys do not need the stress of others telling them how and when to work, that was exactly what went wrong in the IB team.
Geez, you really were born without a humerus bone.
Could be, certain kinds of humor tends to waft over some like the pleasant scent of sports stadium lavatory after half time.

Most commonly sarcasm is the type of humor that is most misunderstood, especially in the on-line world where tone is not portrait.
Not sure where to post this but as it's related to style and colour I figured this thread was appropriate.

I might have missed it but are usergroups able to be defined with different colours?
I must admit I quite like everyone being the same colour so I might even go the same route when I switch over.
It's not really related to the style property stuff, but yes you can specify CSS to markup user names for particular groups.
Thanks Mike.

So just to clarify, would that be a css file manual edit or is it done in the ACP somewhere?
The "Likes" need to be aligned with the end of the user info, in the video the likes just hover half way up the thread. Otherwise, it looks great and so easy to use.

I agree with this!

Also, is it possible to export and import styles that you create/someone else have created? That way skinners can include a .style file(or something) that the user can import with the rest of the skin files. Also a great way to make a backup of your style :)
lol great video...but my favorite line is :

"...eh...that is actually too horrible to use." - referring to the "yummy" green used in the user info block.

Classic. I think it helped that Kier has a cool accent. Some of us Yanks are impressed by the little things in life ya know. ;)
Style Properties : - "message user info"

Am I blind at finding this in style properties?
I should be in admincp / style properties / default style / style property groups / .... I see no "message user info"

did something change, or can someone point me to how to edit the info as shown towards the beginning of this video?
much appreciated!
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