XF 1.0 Style Properties II - A Closer Look


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You've already seen how style properties provide a quick, easy, flexible and extensible way to control the appearance and behaviour of your styles.

In this video, you'll see them at work again, this time working directly on element appearance and styling. The demo touches on our use of the color palette (which is of course extensible in its own right) and shows some basic use of our CSS editor.


As usual, this is a large, HD video. View it at full size using the expand gadget in the bottom right of the movie frame.


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Very good! Definitely ought to satisfy those who want everything on the postbit.


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A bit too much information but my liking but I know I'll definitely be using 1-3 of those options :). Once a color palette is set for the style this will make skinning forums ridiculously easy :). Great vid!