XF 1.0 Style Properties - Controlling Style Options


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Are Style-Information placed in DB or Filesystem?
Right now we are using the database, but the system is abstracted so we could use filesystem storage (or any other kind of storage) should we decide that doing so has merit.


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I like that it's possibilities are endless, yet someone with limited skill could make plenty of changes without burning themselves out trying to figure things out. Very smooth.

Thank you so much again for another video, I know that I don't speak for myself when I say any perspective you can provide showing the admin side of things we appreciate greatly.


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This is very encouraging. It's going to be really good to change the look of the forum through the on-line tools rather than having to tinker with files and code :)


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This looks awesome... I can't wait to get stuck into it. It's going to be so easy to create noJS styles for my users who don't like all of the animations... amazing.

Thanks Kier & Mike <3


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Lookin' like a pretty cool feature. I'm very much looking forward to exploring how deep and customizable this will be in the finished product.


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Do Kier and Mike ever get tired of hearing us say awesome! splendid! remarkable! amazing! remarkable! wonderful! marvelous! mind-blowing! incredible! superb! fantastic! great! brilliant! ?

I sure hope not! :cool:


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When select "enhancement disabled" style, button "upload file" not working...
Confirmed I think it is because it should use the overlay and well that is disabled... and going to another page would mean the messages would have to follow... Intresting.


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Amazing work guys... this looks awesome, are we going to see more demo's of this like the color palet option ;)


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That's an interesting problem... I'm not entirely sure how we could work around that.
How about when the overlay's are disable the upload fields show as default on the More Options... page, then link the Upload a File button to that page????


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it looks great!

I love the way you can add new properties per style.
( I hope the same applies to forums. ;) )


Excellent video Kier :) Thanks for the walkthrough and for posting. Keep up the good work.


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Really fantastic stuff! Looks to be a system with massive potential, yet simplistic enough to allow those who are not very design inclined to still configure XF they way they please without effort. That is the sign of a great styling system ;).