Stripe payment not showing as an option after set up


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I hate to post this as a bug because it is probably my own newbie user error...but I set up my Stripe account, as I have used them before, all the proper keys and verification needs are in place but still when I go to account upgrades, for example, the only option the drop down gives me is Paypal.

Is this a known issue or am I just messing up?

Chris D

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It sounds like you’ve set up the payment profile (which is where you enter the keys etc) but you haven’t added that as an accepted form of payment for your existing user upgrades.

You need to edit the user upgrades and check the checkbox for Stripe (in addition to, or instead of PayPal).

FWIW if you’re unsure, definitely post as a support thread first as they tend to get dealt with quicker than bugs if we’re not currently spending time triaging them.