XF 2.2 I need help setting up Stripe for user upgrades


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I created a Stripe account today (minutes ago). I think I did everything that was required. Stripe says my account is now active.

I went to my XF ACP and added a payment profile for Stripe. I filled in every field on the page (including the test keys which I have no idea if they were necessary).

I set the web hook and configured the events as directed by the XF ACP.

I configured a user upgrade to allow Stripe payments.

I tried to make a test Stripe payment with my CC and got the following message:

"Your account cannot currently make live charges."

Any idea what I did wrong (or failed to do)?
I'm seeing the failed payment charge in my Stripe account now. It says:
PaymentIntent status:
The PaymentIntent requires a payment method
Set an existing payment method on the PaymentIntent or have the customer enter a new payment method.
The good news is that my Stripe account has been validated and I can now accept live payments.

The bad news is that I made a charge, the charge succeeded, but the webhook back to my forum was blocked by a 403 error. In my stripe control panel, I see:
403 ERR

Invalid encoding: ISO-8859-1
Would this be something in my .htaccess blocking the stripe webhook?
I found it. I had a section in my .htaccess blocking IPs for Amazon Web Service. Looks like I need to accept bot traffic from AWS if I want to accept Stripe payments.
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