Looking for professional help setting up Wasabi

Hello, I am seeking someone that can offer professional help setting up Wasabi cloud storage for me. I've had it for a year and it was set up by my computer guy, however he never did it before and has had nothing but problems. He recently found out when he looked that it had stopped backing up, yet I was still being charged monthly, then he said it was a WHM issue at my web host, they are of little help. So he played around with the settings and my bill went from $6 a month for a year to $10, then $22, then $32. He said it's not getting rid of the old backups and this is a WHM issue, but he can't figure it out, and my bills keep going up and up and up. He suggested to find someone that can set it all up properly that has experience with it, but he doesn't know anyone and neither do I. Thanks.
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