Other [Paid] Looking for help setting up XenPorta and other small tasks


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With my daughter now taking all of my time (and money) I just can't devote the amount of time I used to be able to in order to get a site up and running so I need some help from someone that knows how to set up XenPorta and tweak it to make it look good.

Additionally, I would also like to add some sort of rotating image slider as seen here.

The website I am referring to is a gaming site for an upcoming game called Evolve. The site is a wiki based site using @Jaxel's XenCarta PRO Add-on. Someone with creativity, passion for design, passion for games, and commitment to succeed is whom I am looking for to help me.

If you're interested, please let me know. We can talk further here, on Skype, on Ventrilo, or whatever platform you want.


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Hi, sorry to bump this but I wanted to give some additional information here on what I need and hopefully to find someone willing to do it.

I'm trying to replace my HTML Index Homepage with a portal from the Forum. Whether the portal is made from XenPorta or Featured Threads makes no difference to me, as long as it will function and appear the way I want it to.

I was hoping to have an Image Slider on the top followed by blocks of info beneath that. The blocks can be made of News Announcements and such.

Here's a picture to kind of show the layout and design I have in mind.


So if someone thinks they can do this using XenPorta, Featured Threads, or some other means, then please let me know.

Of course I'm willing to pay the developer for his or her service.