MG 1.1 storage quotas added up? Permissions


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I might have misunderstood the permissions for storage quotas and file sizes. So I just need to clarify.

Group 1 is default. then some members gets added to group 2 as a secondary group.
Group 1 have:
Maximum Storage Quota (MB): 40mb

Maximum Dimensions (Width): 3000px
Maximum Dimensions (height): 2000px

Maximum File Size (MB): 1mb
Maximum Items Per Upload: 20
Group 2 have:
Maximum Storage Quota (MB): 20mb

Maximum Dimensions (Width): 1500px
Maximum Dimensions (height): 1000px

Maximum File Size (MB): 1mb
Maximum Items Per Upload: 10

Would this mean that members with group two as secondary have both group quotes added together?

Member of group 1 with group 2 as secondary:

Maximum Storage Quota (MB): 60mb

Maximum Dimensions (Width): 3500px
Maximum Dimensions (height): 3000px

Maximum File Size (MB): 2mb
Maximum Items Per Upload: 30