XF 1.5 How to set up permissions for sin-bin members?


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An effective way to limit the damage done by bad members is the fishbowl approach also known as sin-bin or penalty box. You put them into a usergroup with limited permissions, so that they are restricted to specific forums and have limitations in those forums. For example they can only reply to their own threads.

In vbulletin this was easy to setup. In XenForo I don't see how. I know we can exclude the sin-bin group from specific global usergroup permissions and node permissions by using 'NEVER'. That bit is clear.

But how can we prevent members from replying to threads that are not their own?
It seems to me that this needs custom development to work.

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Yes sounds like an add-on that could be made. Like a fine-detail banning system, including the situation you mentioned, or banning a user from a specific thread (if he's derailing it or can't behave himself in it).

When I saw the "thread reply ban" I thought it did this, but I think it's a general ban on replying to threads rather than specific ones.