XF 1.4 How to set moderator permissions for usergroup?


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I'm still confuse on how to give moderator permissions for a usergroup. I have quite numbers of forums and catergories. Everytime I put a new user in moderation group, I still have to set permission for him on the forums one by one. which I find very tiring.

Here's what I understand from what I read here, put the moderators in a usergroup with moderation permissions enable/set to yes. Then set that usergroup to moderate a specific node. If I put a regular member in this group, can he inherit the permission from this group even he's not a moderator or do I need to make him as a moderator first?

Secondly, if I put a never permission on specific group (demoted) from a member of moderators or staffs, can they bypass this permission?

Lastly and which confuses me the most is the node permissions. As I've learned from here, if I tick the "Private Node", it will be hidden for everyone unless explicitly given permission to see it. But what I've noticed, even if I ticked the private node, it still shows to all our members so I have to revoke all access from the Registered Group and set the permissions one by one. Is this really how this works?

I hope someone could help me with this. TIA! :)


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Hi Brogan! Thanks for the reply.

So I don't have to make a regular member to be a moderator then? And I just need to put him in the moderation group. Am I correct? And nobody can bypass the never permission. Now it's more clear. Thanks!


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Moderators need to be explicitly promoted.

Hi Brogan! I'd like to ask the following;

1. Are the permissions set on the default moderating group (Group ID = 4), baselines like the Registered Members Group (Group ID=2)? On what I understand from the manual, I need to set up the minimum permissions for moderators. Does it mean that there are 2 baselines for permissions? The registered and the moderating?

2. If I set up the node permission and leave the pre-sets for moderating permissions, will it inherit the registered permissions or the moderating permissions? TIA!


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All permissions applied across all user groups are cumulative.

The 'baseline' for all users should be the Registered user group.