Do you set moderator permissions per-user or using a group?


Looking for some general advice on managing my moderators. I only have Super Moderators on my board and at that, only a handful of them (we're at 12 including the 4 Administrators).

Poking around tonight I realized that the moderator privledges are set per-user. They're also in the Moderating group but that group has all permissions listed as Not Set so it's mostly a null-op group for permissions, it just sets the banner color on the users.

Given I have a uniform set of permissions applied to all the moderators, should I migrate those permissions to the Moderating group and make the per-user permissions Not Set?

I'm not entirely certain of the ramifications of going about it this way. From a functional perspective, it should be equivalent to what I have now, correct? There's no part of moderating a Xenforo board that demands the permissions be given at the user level?



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Fundamentally, it makes no difference whether permissions are set at the user or user group level.

I have common moderator permissions set in the user group and moderator specific permissions set per user.


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All of my super moderators have the same permissions, so they are all set via the moderating user group as it's easier to manage. When I add someone as a super moderator in the ACP, I don't give them any individual permissions, I just tick the option to also add them to the moderating user group.