Permission: 'Can View Others Profiles' and 'Can Post to Others Profiles' (limit bad members)


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A common approach for members who keep misbehaving is to put them into a sin-bin* usergroup which limits their permissions. An important factor is to only let them view and reply to their own profile, but not post to others profiles or view others profiles.
Currently you can only disallow all profile viewing or posting which makes no sense since others can still post to the members profile. Even if the member cannot respond.

Please add permissions for usergroups:
'Can View Others Profiles'
'Can View Own Profile'
'Can Post to Others Profiles'
'Can Post to Own Profiles'

We had this on vbulletin and setting it to NO worked great.

* The concept of sin-bin is that you contain the activity of bad members until they redeem themselves. Not only does that limit the damage they can do, but it's also unpleasant for the bad members. This gives them incentive to improve their behavior. Some try to improve their behavior. By themselves and with help of the community. Others give up and leave. Others keep making problematic posts until they are eventually banned.
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