MG 1.1 "View members profiles" neccessary for viewing media and albums of users?


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Checking the crawler errors in Google's webmaster tools showed me lots of URLs within media gallery, which were marked 403.
Lots of them had this URL:

So, unregistered users cannot visit these pages (without the right "View members profiles"), showing the media and albums of users?

I understand, these pages are tabs in the user profiles. But when browsing the media gallery, one can find all albums - but not clicking on the user names to visit all their albums and medias - which they can see coming from different ways? That seems to be not consistent.

For my taste guests (and Google) should be able to visit all medias and albums but not the user profiles. Can this be achieved?

Chris D

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It was a conscious decision initially. I think it's been like that since the beginning.

We have changed it in XF 2.0 though.

It would require code changes to alter the behaviour in XF1. If you set "View members profiles" to allow, it is possible for members to adjust the privacy of their own profiles, and to set the defaults for new members.