Lack of interest StopForumSpam/ Manual Approval Auto-Reply

Would it be possible to add some kind of automated reply to new registrations that get quarantined for manual approval? It would be nice if a message could go out to say:

All new registrations on this forum are evaluated against industry-standard SPAM prevention tools and some registrations are automatically flagged for manual review by our moderators. Your registration has been flagged as potential SPAM. Unfortunately, our filters can't be perfect 100% of the time and may have made a mistake. If this is the case, please reply to this email and let us know and we will get your account manually approved as soon as possible.

Or something along those lines. Then maybe have a timer where any account that is not approved gets rejected after x amount of days. And allow for a default reject message.

I have a forum that is not all that busy and I get 2-3 registrations flagged for manual approval per day and maybe 1 in 5 is a legitimate registration (based on the users contacting me to see why they have not received their confirmation email). I'm assuming I'm losing others who don't bother.

The stopforumspam databse is definitely a good tool, but I know that even my own email address is in the database and I've never intentionally spammed a forum in my life.

Or does anyone know if there is an addon that exists that does this?