StopForumSpam Database Ruined?


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Been getting errors tonight as well from SFS.

Anthony: Why botscout? What makes them better than SFS?


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Botscout has been around for a good long while and are for real, I do believe they have a better platform than SFS to be honest, although SFS is good too.


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apache@localhost... lol..

Could be a ddos attack I suppose, or maybe they just have some random problems.


Well-known member is constantly attacked by spammers and hackers, they even publish a page listing the IP's of the attacks against them.

When you expose spammers and hackers you place a bullseye on your back, so this can be expected.

You need a great software firewall (mod security) and some great server admins to stay online in the anti-spam business.


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Well they are fixed now. and anthony, the ones u keep recommending cant be integrated to xenforo or dont have a addon available.

Luke F

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Going over the connection limit does not mean they were hacked :p

And the apache@localhost stuff is just each call to mysql_query trying to connect to the default server specified in php.ini, since the proper connection failed.