[Solved] Ban user and report to stopforumspam and sometimes remove posts

Black Tiger

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On a seldom occasion a spammer manages to get through, in spite of the protection.
We use stopforumspam.

Is it possible to ban the user from the forum and report to Stopforumspam automatically? I didn't found an option for that.
Neither in the admin panel. As far as I can see you can only ban the user.

In the past on some other forum I had a Stopforumspam addon, which was doing things with 1 or 2 clicks. Ban the user, report to stopforumspam (if selected) and remove this (or all) posts of the spammer and private conversations.

Something like the first part (banning and reporting at once) also possible with Xenforo? Or is there an addon doing this?
The spam cleaner is unrelated to threads - it is member account associated and appears on their profile and content.



As per the manual link:


Black Tiger

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Yes but that is only during registration right? If they are not validated I have such option present.

But I can't find any "ban via spam cleaner" option on the forum once a user is already admitted, or I'm not seeing it. Can you point me as to where I can find it?

Black Tiger

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I am admin and I do have Spam clean permissions in the usergroup. But I still can't find the option.
Also in the moderator group moderators have the permission set explicit to yes.

When I check on the post on the little pulldown on the right side, it's not present.

When I tick "select for moderation" in this list I only have this:

And in the other "Select fo rmoderation" in the post itself it also does not contain the spam cleaner. Tested also in clean default style.

I also used the "Analyse permissions" option and I have permission there too, so I'm a bit confused now.

I checked the Registered usergroup, and it's set to NO, not to Never. But I don't want normal Registered users to be able to use it, so it's no. As far as I understood, an explicit YES (on administrative and moderator groups) will override a normal NO on Registere, correct?

So maybe you can see what I'm doing wrong or why I don't see the spam cleaner option.

And on moderator tools on profile it only says ban user, nothing about spam cleaning options.

Black Tiger

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Ahaaa... that last one... I've overseen that. Seems I had the same issue already spoken of here on the forums.
User was registered in 2012 and probably the spammer got his pass from a hacked database.

It's past the limit. That's it.

Thank you very much! Solved!
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