Steps for creating custom alerts

Hello everybody, thanks for your previous help. Today, i'm here to ask you the steps for creating custom alerts please.
==> What I need, is the different steps i have to do before i can show a custom alert. For example, i've made this line :
$alertModel->alertUser(17, 17, 'Zekrose', 'comments', '15098', 'answer');
i researched a bit on the internet, and i found that i have to create a template `alert_comments_answer`. So, i did it and now i'm wondering what do I have to do now because the alerts don't show... Thanks for future help and i apologise for my quite 'beginner' question...
Have a good afternoon !


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Check out two tables 'xf_content_type' & 'xf_content_type_field'. Just see how alert_handler_class are added for XenForo and other add ons which have custom alerts. You just insert rows in this table.
After that create a template with the name 'alert_{content_type}_{action}' which in your case might be 'alert_comments_answer'.

Thats all you need for your alerts to be displayed.


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Normally what Aayush wrote is done during your install routine. Once you inserted your custom alert info into those tables you should then rebuild the content cache:

XenForo_Application::set('contentTypes', XenForo_Model::create('XenForo_Model_ContentType')->getContentTypesForCache());