Add-on Custom form on certain forums for creating a new thread?


TL;DR: Is there an add-on that would allow me to create a custom form for a specified forum, so that users would be required to input some details when creating a new thread?

Longer version:
I'm migrating a video gaming forum to run on Xenforo, and one of the basic complaints our moderator team has had is that when creating a new thread for a game, users often open with a question such as "Anybody else play this?". We would much rather have a more substantial post to start the thread.

In order to achieve this, it would be nice to have a form that forces the user to type in some basic information like name of the game, launch time, developer, publisher, platforms and a brief description.

So, is there an add-on for such a purpose, or is it easier to just develop one myself?

Thanks in advance.