XF 2.2 Starting With Advertising

Steve Freides

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We have been XF users since 2015. I am effectively the forum admin but actually a super-moderator - I deal primarily with forum content on a daily basis, approve (or not) users, posts, etc. I also manage the user groups, all of which I created.

We have never used advertising, and in poking around the ACP, I cannot find simple things like when, by default, ads would appear to a user - every time they login, or every time they visit a new thread, or every time they post - or what?

I did try searching the manual, and search my ACP, and see where I can create an ad, but would like a primer on the subject.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

XF has, as you found, built in ad ability. To show only to certain users/groups/etc, much of that is done by template variables.
Some templating conditionals you can use

Many successfully use this add-on for ads to get around many of those templating headaches.
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