XF 2.2 Starting a Conversation in ACP


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I just started a conversation with a few usergroups via ACP (Message Users). The total number of users involved was 75. It confirmed it when I clicked submit to send it. But when I go to the conversation on the front end, I see that only one other participant is listed besides me. Not sure what to make of that. Did all those people get the conversation message but somehow not get added to the conversation? Or did the system say it went to all those people but it really didn't?
LOL, never mind. I see my mistake. A separate conversation was created with each of the 75 members, not one big group convo. That's not what I expected. Now I know.
I had the criteria correct. Is there a way to set it so that it starts one big group conversation instead of creating individual conversations? I don't see a setting like that.
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