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Hey guys and gals,

I was hoping this community could help me. I have been reading on here a little to try and figure things out and understand that some things have recently changed with the XenForo platform if I understand correctly. I am nearly new to website design and the only way I can accomplish it is with software that helps you do so. I took some Dreamweaver and it is just not something I wanted to invest a lot of time learning. That brings me to my first question.

If it helps I would love my website to be similar to for reference.

1.) If I reserve my own website with a domain provider can I simply implement the XenForo software/client over my website or do I need to lease my website at XenForo? I have no clue how this works.

2.) I am making this community because I and others see a need for it. However, with time I hope that I will be able to generate ad revenue and I heard that using XenForo has big advantages in this category. Is this true?

3.) I guess my final question is whether or not this is something that one person with limited knowledge will be able to figure out? Like most websites I plan to appoint moderators and such to help out but I guess a lot of the work will come from me using the software.

4.) Also I would like to know about cost, I did a little research and saw the plans seem to start at $60.00 a month. I saw there is also free software available as well. So could I start out with the free software and achieve what I want and if I begin to get more traffic or expand will I be able to easily transition?

You guys do not need to answer every question. It would be great if you knew something about a particular topic and shed some light on it for me. I appreciate any aid in advance.
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Meanwhile.. many of us will continue to use a VPS (and higher end shared hosting) that provides well more than low-end shared hosting, even though we don't "need" it. We prefer a higher performance level for our sites.
So why defame Knownhost if you have not used them?
Because it "sounds good"?
Meanwhile, others of us will continue to base our base opinion upon those that have actually used it (and trust the opinion of)... unlike some who discount the opinions of others that have used a service and commented on how "cruddy" it actually is while others continue to live in a land of fantasy.
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You post a lot of misinformation, but I have been giving you the benefit of the doubt because I am sure that you are on the spectrum somewhere.

But you cannot go around recommending services that ARE bad whilst defaming somebody who offers a great service and not expect somebody to point it out.
This is a rather robust place to go looking for hosting ideas, but it offers a LOT of options and opinions, etc. Might be worth checking out, TheFoxRocks. Please ignore if it has already been suggested - alas, I have not read through all the pages in this thread. Here is the link; good luck!

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