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SSL on Login/Registration Only?


Active member
I have SSL protecting my forum and im trying to make it so that SSL only protects the login and registration pages.

Problem is, when a user logs in via the SSL protected login page, they aren't logged into non SSL Xenforo.

Any idea how i can get around this? Is it a limitation of the browser or a limitation of Xenforo itself?


Well-known member
Did you update your board URL to be HTTPS? You should force one or the other.

But there is no built in way to do that.


Active member
Board is still http, im trying to avoid using https for the other area's of forum because posted images (amd images in my sidebar) are breaking SSL and i can't use the image proxy either because i use several status images from other sites that update every 15 minutes and the cached images stop updating (not to mention the cache reduces graphic quality significantly).


Active member
Nope, as far as I know this would require an add-on as the cookies are marked secure only when logging in from HTTPS (to prevent them being read on an HTTP connection).


Active member
Ah, in that case do you know how to change the quality of cached images?

How can i get images i embed in templates to use the image proxy?

And finally i want cached images to refresh after a few minutes; how would i do this?


XenForo developer
Staff member
If you want to do SSL, you really need to do the whole site. Otherwise it's effectively pointless (as the login form itself can be manipulated).

By "cached" images I assume you're referring to the image proxy. The image proxy doesn't touch images; it just accepts what is served.

The proxy is not really designed for constantly updating images. You would instead need to pull the images directly via SSL (provided they support that; if not, you'll need to ask them to support it).