XF 1.4 Disable Facebook login/registration, but designate FB app as admin on OG pages?


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I would like to designate an admin on Open Graph objects attached to my forum, but disable Facebook login/registration for my forum.

How do I do that?

I tried adding a FB application ID/secret to the ACP, and it immediately enabled FB login/registration. I looked for an option to enable/disable FB registration, but couldn't find it.

I'd prefer not to designate FB users as admins because those IDs get leaked through the OG tags so anyone parsing the source can find the admins' FB accounts. So instead if I can designate a FB app as admin, then within FB it's easy to add admins to the app.


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You would need to modify the open_graph_meta template directly to remove some of the conditionals and force the app ID to be listed.