Browser issue  sporadic visual problem in Forum display pages


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I don't know if it is only me or not, but sometimes forumdisplay pages' look messes up for me. This only happens in firefox, I didn't see it in IE. It is also sporadic, it sometimes occurs and MIGHT go away when page is refreshed. Wanted to report it FYI.



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Just for info 99% of my use of this forum is with FF on either a PC or Mac and I have never seen this as yet.


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Yeah, this appears to be a Firefox bug. I've seen it very infrequently. I think it has to do with when it decides to render out a partial page (or break rendering). It happens sporadically, which makes trying to fix it quite hard. We already have a table-layout: fixed rule on each row, and that would've been my only guess for a workaround.