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XF 1.4 Spam Cleaner - Possible to Hard-Delete Spam?


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I have been getting the same person sign up to my forum everyday and post links to his website. This has happened for a while now. It does not bother me so much because it's just 1 person and it's so easy to clean his spam. I just use the spam cleaner function.

What does bother me is that the spam function only soft-deletes the spam. So i can still see the soft-deleted spam. Therefore i have to manually click on each thread to hard-delete the soft deleted spam.

Is there an option to make it so the spam cleaner hard-deletes?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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The main reason being how the Spam Cleaner allows spam clean operations to be reversed.

i.e. if you accidentally spam clean a genuine user, it's entirely reversible.

If messages were able to be permanently deleted, this wouldn't be possible.

EDIT: Although my post was incorrect, note that permanently deleting the content will indeed prevent it from being restored so make sure you're careful to not use the Spam Cleaner on the wrong users! Especially if your spam user criteria is relaxed.
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I've never seen that page before.

I just checked. Mine was set as 'remove from public view'

In fact now i'm thinking of using one of the options there and making a 'Trash' forum and having them moved there. Sometimes my moderator deletes things he calls spam but to me its not spam.

Thanks everyone for the help!!