XF 2.2 Delete Posts From Spam-Cleaner Automatically


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I administrate a forum which has quite a spam problem. And spam posts are being cleaned by this handy "Spam" button next to the post. In which case, the spam post in question is soft-deleted. So one could see what the content actually was in case it was by mistake.

However, I feel like after X days, this trash could be gone from the database completely.

My question is, did I just overlook a setting for a cron job (like: "Hard-delete soft-deleted content after X days"), or shall I head over to the suggestions forum? :)

Thank you!
You can go into the spam cleaner options and change it so that they get permanently deleted instead when spam cleaning. It says threads though not posts.

Spam cleaner.jpg

You'll need an addon to delete them after X amount of days after soft deletion.
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