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Hi folks,

I've just gone live with the switch over from vB to XF and for the most part, it's all good.

I do have an issue with one of my top posters who is in Aus (my server is in France).

He does massively long posts. His first attempt failed due to 50k character limit :) That same post had around 50 images.
I upped the limit to 150k and 200 images and tested it a lot with some Latin filler and it seemed to work.

He says his next attempt gave an error while uploading a picture
and all the previously embedded images after posting now simply said "View attachment =1234"

On subsequent posts he is still getting this this

He says the time to write the post is roughly around an hour. He has no self-logout problems so it's not a session expiring behind the scenes.

This is incredibly frustrating for the users. He is the first to complain about it but being a personal friend, he's also trying to work with me to fix it. I have other users who do similar posts and after spending that amount of time doing a post they simply don't bother after a problem like that. I am desperate for that to not happen.

What can I do from my side to see what the errors are? I have no "server log errors" in acp.

The problem uploading a file error is, unfortunately, roughly client side. Disabling the Flash uploader may help avoid it, as Flash seems a little temperamental when it comes to variable network connections. I'd note that any attachment uploading is independent of actually submitting a post, so that error shouldn't do anything to his post content.

I can't tell what exactly I'm looking at with the "view attachments" screenshot. That is generally expected when editing a post. If viewing the post in position, that would seem to imply the attachments either weren't uploaded or aren't actually associated with the post (in this case, they may still be viewable when clicked). It's difficult to know specifically what happened in hindsight. Did he have to use the draft saving feature? Did he see the previous attachments listed when that happened? I know you asked elsewhere, but the attachments would exist in a draft post for 24 hours, so if he composed the post for an hour, there's no reason for them to have been removed.
Thanks for the reply Mike.

One thing I did forget to mention was he did make a comment about his "slow broadband" I've asked him to do a speedtest to see. That, with your comment about the flash uploader, might be interesting

He did not have to recover the draft, he clicked on preview and that shot, I believe is the preview.

I know he defaults back to using photo bucket because he does not trust my site (he did not like vb either) but pb has no problem. Perhaps theirs is a html 5 upload? I've not checked.

I'll put forward your questions and see what he says.
A few basics to recheck.

Max upload file size? (What is your file upload size) if it is more than 10mb need to double check server settings.
I'll double check. I did not specifically ask but he did say that he has to resize his pics to be 800x600 because "it's quicker to upload". It makes me think that his broadband might be a bit flaky.
I've 1mb upload here and it sucks.

I was just thinking if using gd library in php are you hitting a memory limit?

You could also ask for him to email you the picture to reproduce the issue?
I'll ask him for it.

As for memory limit - I'm not sure. A clear graph would be better but I did some tests and uploaded many large pics and did not have a problem. Granted, things might have been different when he did it. I'll see if I can pull out some stats from around that time.
Ok, so this is interesting - he said these two pics would not upload. He could upload before these, after these - just not these.

Yet they upload ok (DnD) here.
IMG_9804.jpg IMG_9805.jpg
If you and others are unable to reproduce the issues, it's going to be due to local factors specific to that member, such as browser, connection, ISP, etc.
yup - stuff like this is always a pain to find. (Been there, done that)

The question that sticks though is -if it is so - why does that pic not upload but others do. Why does PhotoBucket not have a problem?

Perhaps he does have poor connections, perhaps Photobucket uploader is more resilient?
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