XF 1.5 Moved hosts, some users getting blank page after sign in


We moved hosts and after updating the nameserver on the domain, some users are reporting a blank page either directly at the /index.php or after sign in. if they clear cookies/cache, they usually get to the front page, but after trying to sign in, they are directed to blank page.

This seems to be plaguing about 50-70% of our users, and I'm trying my darn hardest to repro it from my side but the site works like a dream for me.

Any suggestions what to try?
Is there some sort of error message on the white page? For example, "an unexpected database error occurred" or something of similar nature.
Do you have any add-ons installed? If so, try disabling them. If the error disappears, re-enable them one by one to try and find the problematic add-on.
Unfortunately I don't get the blank page, but I will ask some of my users to check.
I will also disable add ons.

Meanwhile, I found another issue that may or may not be related.
Some of the forums posts are not loading as normal. They are showing in the forums list, but when you open the discussion, the discussion in blank and there are no posts visible.


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I most certainly could do that, but honestly the support at my host is not the best.
Sounds like an error from xenforo end though. Probably something from the way I transferred the files and databases, I'm thinking something went wrong there..
You need to be able to see php errors, temporarily.

If you have your own php.ini file then you should see the setting. There is a way to enable it in .htaccess but I don't have experience with it.
Further update...
Everyone is now getting Page not found "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED"

I contacted the support for our host, and we were informed that this an issue with the application.


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DNS not resolving is definitely not an application issue, but your example shows you loading "ww" not "www" so that's probably the issue there.

Otherwise, these errors look like a bad transfer of files and potentially the database as well. While you can reupload the files, if the backup/restore wasn't 100% complete (which might explain the missing posts), that can only be resolved by going through the process again.
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