XF 1.2 I'm getting errors when editing html templates.


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We are using the UI.X frame work for the theme. I've made a child them and I need to edit the header template. I'm finding the any change I make is giving me an error. Always the same error.
The following templates contained errors and were not saved: header: 1) Line 1: Template syntax error.

I started out trying to do something fancy.. now I'm just trying to figure out why I can't even add a line space at the end of a line. No matter where I edit or what I do I get the same exact error for 'Line 1'.

I'm completely new to XenForo. I make a living building WordPress themes. I've edited vBulliten before and I've used Smarty templating. So I think I understand how this is supposed to work. I have check the documentation. Any ideas?

In this example I added a space to the end of the 8th line.


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I'm not seeing an obvious error. It's possible it could be related to the custom style properties, though it should normally error inside a condition if it were that.

I would possibly empty the template and then build it up section by section to see exactly what causes the error.