some friendly comments please

Brad P

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Hi Gents

So my forum, GameTec has been live now for about 3 weeks.

We are a unique website that focuses on detail as much as priority. While providing consistent rich content to our users. We are a gaming and computer technology driven community.

Id like the views, opinions and constructive critisism of the people on here please. Take the time to have a look around the site and let me know what its missing before i start to advertise like mad :)


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I agree as it seems to be a forum about tech stuff. If your gonna say unique just say u do it better. I think that sounds more honest. ;)


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Cool theme. The colors flow well. I too am not finding any unique aspect to this forum however.

Gaming, technology, a marketplace, & off topic discussions are a dime a dozen. What are you dooing to set yourself a side from the other 745,000 gaming/tech communities?

Daniel Hood

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Minor complaint, the selected navtab is really really hard to read due to the color. At first I didn't really even notice it, just thought there was a huge gap between Home and Streams. Overall I do like the theme though.