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Bob Ricci

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I am interested in the social groups add-on developed in 2017. I'm especially interested in contacting the developer for a potential purchase. But I'm also interested in seeing sights that are already using this add-on.

Thank you in advance.

Bob Ricci

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Thank you for your reply. I'm using vb5 connect and have barely got to start with it. Silly little things like trying to send users to it from Facebook only to have Facebook Market it as spam. I know the game. I've been a commercial programmer since 1981. Web development since 1993 and I own the hosting company. I have a gig e connection and it's scalable. But I don't know Xenforo and I appreciate the help.

Since there's very little content this should be easy. One question I have about the groups is can content from public forums be mass moved into a custom group? I don't have many posts but there are some and we would like to set up more of a Reddit style community where users of course can create their own user groups. Nowhere on the same scale as Reddit. This is actually just an add-on to another site.

The next question is whether or not I can put a button on the menu bar labeled Groups. Members that are not familiar with vbulletin or Xenforo in this case don't know to click on the menu and go to the bottom and see groups and I want to make it easy for them to just click it and be teleported over there. I'm sure I could add it to the code and since the code hasn't been updated since 2017 that I can see I guess that would work. But that leads to a third question. Will it ever be upgraded? Xenforo I'm certainly will be. Backward compatibility maybe?


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Sure you can achieve that with Xenforo and the social group add-on.

You can make groups public and also create invisible groups. That depends entirely on how you design the users and / or group rights.

With us, for example, only registered users see the group button. The button can usually be seen above the forum software, under "Forums", "Members", What's new, (...).
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