So, whats the story?


I'm curious as to the history of XenForo...

What made you decided to start up a new forum software?

When did you decided to start it?

How long has it been in development?

Where are you basing development?

Who decided to start it up or was it a joint decision?

Why the name XenForo?


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From what I understand it goes like this...

... IB Destroyed vBulletin so Kier and Mike left, they still want a good forum software and they don't believe vBulletin is that any more so considering how they are the real guys behind the original vBulletin Success they decided to build xenForo.

Based on Twitter posts etc I think its been 3-4months.

I guess it was a Joint Decision, but Kier/Mike can clarify that.

There has been a discussion over this and my conclusion was

Xen = Fresh, Balanced, Minimilistic
Foro = Forum (Modern, new way etc)


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Interesting question, although I think Ceri May probably pretty much summarizes it.


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The past always looks better than it was. It's only pleasant because it isn't here.
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Will agree with Ceri May, even if I don't like it... Truth is painful and life's a b*.