Smush.It all images for XF

Ryan Kent

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I am sure Kier and others are already familiar with or similar tools to compress images. After I installed 1.0.0 I learned about I took all my XF images, Smush'd them, and then took comfort in knowing my site's main images were optimized.

Recently I upgraded to 1.0.1. In the process, all my images were over-written. Many of the XF images are pretty well compressed and the process only offers a 10% savings. Other images offered an 80%+ size savings which is huge. For example: styles/default/xenforo/color-picker directory has multiple images which offered 80%+ compression savings.

If XF compresses all their images, it will be a win for the product. It shouldn't take much time overall, and on a personal note, it would make the upgrade process easier :)


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1.1.3 do it or it's not implemented yet?
auto smush for attachments can be a double win win! :D