XF 1.4 IP.Board Import - Not all images importing based on date

So this is my first time loading Xenforo (loving it so far) and I am having a slight issue importing an IP.Board 3.4.6 site into my Xenforo install. Here is the issue (and it is an odd one, at least to me). It appears that all of my attachments import up until June 30, 2014. After that (nearly 2000+ uploads) simply don't import. This also seems to be the case with avatars (although I can't be quite as sure.

I am totally guessing, but I wonder if we did an update/upgrade of IPB back in June and any uploads after that date are being handled differently by IPB and the XF importer isn't recognizing them.

Here are a couple of examples.

New thread on IPB site: http://www.thehunterslair.com/topic/31563-first-pred-bio/
New thread on XF site: http://predatorium.com/index.php?threads/first-pred-bio.20353/
Note the lack of attachments.

Old thread on IPB site: http://www.thehunterslair.com/topic/29584-evilpreds-p2-sculpt-wipupdate-first-pull/
Old thread on XF site: http://predatorium.com/index.php?threads/evilpred´s-p2-sculpt-wip-update-first-pull.18824/
Attachments are present.

I am totally at a loss of why we seem to have gotten over the vast majority of our attachments, but not any since June. I didn't see any error during the import. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Are the images in your IPB installation identical in terms of format, ownership, permissions, etc. both before and after the upgrade in June?

If you are comfortable with checking the server files and database for the XenForo installation, can you confirm what the last image is which was imported?
I presume it will be some time in June but it's worth double checking.

I am going through the file structure on the old domain and there DOES seem to be a difference both in the owner of the files as well as the permissions and location. I actually can't find any attachment files located on the server (at least not in the typical location) after June of this year. I am wondering if they are being stored in the DB now or something odd like that. You have set me on the right path, so let me investigate further.