XF 1.4 Image Proxy Grab All Images Though Out Site?

is there any way to tell the proxy to scan site any grab all images / repost them?

because i been using this: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/metamirror.2117/ for a long time.. and i want to start using the built in xenforo one..

but if i disable this all my images will be gone i have data/MetaMirrorCache with thousands of images...

but i want to disable this add one and tell the proxy to rehost them and re link them though out the threads so i can delete this folder and add one... without loosing thousands of images...


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The image proxy changes [img] tag output at run time. It will work immediately.

I can't make any comment about how that add-on works or the effects of disabling/uninstalling it. You will need to ask in the add-on's discussion thread.
i removed the add one all the files are there..

i have a data/MetaMirrorCache

now all the posts/threads that where re hosted prior the image proxy..

all the images are stored here..

what i want is the xenforo image proxy to rehost them to it's secret location...

so i can delete the MetaMirrorCache folder, and all the 9998 files would be reposted with new link by the image proxy... in all the posts/threads that the previous images had linked to. but the image proxy ver.. not the old link ver...

atm only new images are re hosted by the proxy and all old images link to the MetaMirrorCache folder...


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I do not know how the add-on works and what it does to manipulate posts. You will need to direct questions to the author.

The image proxy only proxies external images; images from your own domain will not be proxied.


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The root of your domain is forcing without the www, so the image was likely accessed from a page without it, which would make that appear to be external (the domain does not match 100%).