XF 1.4 Smilies window stopped working ??


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Everything was fine yesterday. Nothing has been added or taken away from my forum.

yesterday it was reported that the smilies window had stopped working.

If you click the smiley face whilst typing a message a 1 line window seems to open but with no smilies in it at all ??

If you type the smilie ie. :) then it works fine but you cant select from the drop down window.

Again I will say nothing was changed or added on the forum.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

my forum is at www.photography-forum.org

Tracy Perry

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Well, it will be hard to test without joining.. and I typically don't just join forums to test/view stuff like this for people (especially if I see they are using add-ons by a certain author who's name is a censored one here now and starts with Bri) - so a temporary test account would probably be beneficial.


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I would also test on a completely unmodified style -- notably, without any ads displayed for example, as they can potentially create interference.


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Thanks for the replies - i am removing "Certain" addons as we speak :) @Tracy Perry

Thanks for your reply @Mike - the thing is nothing has changed - no addons nothing ??
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