XF 2.2 the forum stopped working suddenly

my forum stopped working suddenly. i didn't change anything or upload anything.
i tried to open the admin panel but it only a white page appeared then i tried to go to /install, but also only the white page appeared. the forum is opening but i can't post or reply or use any order
sometimes this message appeared before the "subject content" box disappears
and this is the "new thread" page now, there is no content box

i tried to stop add-ons from config but didn't work
also, i tried all PHP versions but still had the same problem

anyone can help?
There appears to be some obfuscated JavaScript, at a minimum. I would try to ascertain how and why those files have changed, and re-upload the original files.
I would start by turning off all of your addons. If you can login to admin, go to addons > click disable all (top right). Next go to
tools > click file health check.
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