XF 1.2 Smilies - The requested page could not be found


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I'm getting a really weird problem with trying to use smilies on my site.

Members will occasionally complain that smilies stop working every so often, and sure enough when I click on the editor button, I get an error message popup instead of the smilies appearing: "The requested page could not be found".

At first, I re-uploaded the XF files (as it looked like something was missing because of the error message). But, it keeps on happening.

As a test, I just restarted IIS... which fixes the problem again for a short file.

What on earth could this problem be as it is driving me crazy! It's happening on multiple sites/servers, so it's not peculiar to that one install - but the server setup is identical.

Win 2k8 R2 server, latest PHP 5.4, IIS, Zend Optimizer+ opcode cache


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No, nothing that I can see :(

edit: Although if you know which file the ajax call uses for the smilies bar, I can search the logs in more detail for that file.
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I've upgraded to XF 1.3 and I'm still getting this error every few days. I've upgraded PHP 5.4, Zend Opcode Cache and MySQL to the latest release since this first post. It turns out that using the insert link or other ajax buttons in the editor also bring up this error.

It happens on all browsers, to all users and even happens over 3 different servers with different XenForo sites that I run... so it must be something incompatible with my setup.

If I restart IIS, everything kicks back in to life. This is frustrating in some respects as I have to wait several days for the problem to happen again!

Are there any XF experts that could suggest where I could look at troubleshooting this? Are there any other XF owners running PHP 5.4 and Zend Opcode Cache on a Windows machine that get this error?