Slow board and lot of 503 error


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In the last days i see that my board was very slow...that's now dued for traffic (same average members), so i don't know what's the problem.

Maybe it's an addon, i've installed some new addons in the last i've removed few of them.

How i can do to determine what are creating the load?


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Enable debug mode, review every query.
Review what addon is taking up highest load/query time.

Avoid using those addon that is poorly coded (sorry but even me cannot exactly point which one but just stick with those highly reputable developer like @Chris D @xfrocks and many others :) )
Might be an idea to check with your host if you are with one to see if it's an issue with their servers.
It's also a good idea to ask your isp to ask why their servers are running too slow.


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Disable all addons you have installed in the last days. If the forum is fast, enable one addon at a time and you will see the addon that is slowing down your forum.
I know this system, i have many addons so i asked if there are a faster system to do it.

Thank you for all your replies!