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XF 1.2 Site keeps losing CSS...

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by Brentnauer, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    Hey there,

    I moved my xenForo installation to a new host last night, and it keeps losing it's CSS. If I toggle between templates-as-files and back, it comes back for about an hour, then goes away again.

    Hopefully this makes sense... Any ideas?
  2. JulianD

    JulianD Well-Known Member

    An url would be appreciated. Without it, we can't find out what's wrong with your site.
  3. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    Whoops; http://curiouscosmos.com
  4. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    And CSS is back for the moment...
  5. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Are you running Litespeed?
  6. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    Not that I know of; I migrated to MediaTemple shared.
  7. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    That Litespeed issue is fixed in 1.2.

    Everything looks ok here, but as your board is closed, we're quite limited in what we can test.
  8. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    Yeah, site is still under development so I can't open it just yet.

    CSS will go away about once every 30 minutes to an hour. Thought it was CloudFlare, totally nixed that and am running on MT's vanilla nameservers... No CDN or anything like that.

    Thought it could have been some of my addons, disabled all of those with no effect. It ONLY seems to come back if I make a style change (sometimes) or toggle between database and file-based templates (most times).

    It's happened once more that I've noticed since I created the thread. If it happens again I'll capture a screenshot and the source and paste it here. Mike, if you or someone need access to troubleshoot, let me know.
  9. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    Alright, happened again.

    Here's a link to a screenshot:

    Here's a link to my source:

    The CSS referenced below returns blank files for me:
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css.php?css=xenforo,form,public&amp;style=3&amp;dir=LTR&amp;d=1375712082" />
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="css.php?css=EWRblock_StatusUpdates,EWRporta,bb_code,dark_postrating,dark_taigachat,moderator_bar,nat_public_css,node_category,node_forum,node_list,node_page,panel_scroller,sidebar_share_page&amp;style=3&amp;dir=LTR&amp;d=1375712082" />
  10. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    Now the site is working again... I took no action. Weird.
  11. JulianD

    JulianD Well-Known Member

    1) Check your error logs and look for any error when accessing css files. It is normal to see blank files when opening css files from the browser though.

    2) If you don't see anything on your error logs, navigate your site with a browser that supports inspector (actually, I think every browser has an inspector built in). The moment you lose all your CSS, open the inspector and see the CSS files by your self. In Firefox is very easy to do so and it will allow you to see what the browser downloaded as CSS Files. See my attachment for instructions

    This error is frequent when developing addons. If an error is triggered when a CSS file is being accessed, you will see the site without styling. Deactivate your Listeners and see if that fixes the problem.

  12. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    @JulianD, can you do a Control+F5 and see what happens on your side? I seem to be able to reproduce it that way.
  13. JulianD

    JulianD Well-Known Member

    Nope, I can't reproduce it. Probably it has to do with the fact that your site is closed and not all the listeners on your forum are being fired. If you can create a test account for us to test your full site, then we might be able to help you fix it.
  14. Ernest L. Defoe

    Ernest L. Defoe Well-Known Member

    You can open the site just disable registrations and people will be able to help better I'm sure.
  15. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    Okay, board opened. Have at it... See if you can break it.

    Thank you for your help guys.
  16. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    Also, no errors in AdminCP... Sorry about that.

    And of course the site is working flawlessly now that it's opened...
  17. JulianD

    JulianD Well-Known Member

  18. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

  19. aiman.h.kallaf

    aiman.h.kallaf Active Member

    i used to have this problem and it stopped without me doing anything
    i thought the problem was from my connection
  20. Brentnauer

    Brentnauer Well-Known Member

    I just toggled back to "fetch templates as files" and CSS returned for me... WTF is going on? No errors, no indication that something is amiss.

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