XF 1.2 Site keeps losing CSS...


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Hi Julian. Yes, I am usually hesitant at dropping links on forums (trust me, I am aware of this spam problem). The site is http://windowsforum.com

Recently upgraded to 4.2.4 -- tonight. I am not seeing the issue, so keeping fingers crossed.
I'm seeing a problem where the forum content just doesn't load but the styles are working fine. Is that what you're experiencing?

Mike Fara

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Never had a problem rendering content i.e. text, but the issue of CSS cutting out is something addressed by @Mike even. Not sure what the cause is. It comes and goes and there is no way to tell when it will happen. One way to force it sometimes it to ctrl-F5 the page repeatedly. I suspect if its not seen again the problem may be remedied in the latest version of Litespeed, but I don't know for sure.