simplexml and dom


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Ack phfffft.

On my Centos 5.3 box, the ZF install is complaining about:

"The required PHP extensions for XML handling (DOM and SimpleXML) could not be found. Please ask your host to install these extensions."

Unfortunately, being my local test server, I don't have a "host" to go and whine at.

I've spent the last hour or so banging my head on the desk trying to get a PHP with SimpleXML and DOM installed, but it looks like they are compile time options, not pluggable extensions.

Before I go through the pain of re-building PHP from first principles, does anyone have any shortcuts for getting those extensions loaded?

I'm using the Remi repo for PHP. Just updated to the latest 5.3.4 rpm from Remi, but no joy.

-- hugh


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Fixed it. On top of PHP 5.3.4, I had to install the bleeding edge php-common and php-xml from the Remi Test repo thusly:

yum --enablerepo remi-test update php-common
yum --enablerepo remi-test install php-xml

Not sure if this is the only solution, but it worked for me. Remi repo details are at:

I do happen to use RPMforge and Remi together (which Remi suggests you don't), but with Remi having priority in my yum-priorities.

YAY! now I can install XF and have some fun.

-- hugh


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I know Kier and Mike recommend zend server for ease of installation.
Thanks for the pointer. I'm just old fashioned, I like rolling my own environments in UNIX. After 30 years of being a UNIX admin, I get a perverse, masochistic pleasure from it, kind of like some old married couple fighting.

But I may well take a look at the Zend stack as an alternative to XAMPP on my Winders boxes. Been getting a little irritated with the XAMPP upgrade path of late ("uninstall everything and start again with the latest version").

-- hugh