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Simple Portal 1.1.0 RC1

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I'm not seeing the Promote Thread link, how can I fix this?
First of all, check your permissions. You need to have the "Promote to Portalpage" permission.
If this is set correct, you need to check if you have Outdated Templates. Since XenForo 1.1.4, there is a new template hook that is required by Simple Portal.

Where are the Widget/Block Features?
There are already widget addons so we saw no reason to create yet another which may or may not be compatible with each other.
As for the right sidebar, [bd] Widget Framework works with Simple Portal. CWS may as well, but we have not tested that one.
In future versions, we plan to include additional framework support for use on the left sidebar.

Instructions to use the [bd] Widget Framework on the portal

bb Codes
If you do not use the following bb codes, the portal message will be cut at the max characters option set in acp and the post will display as normal. The following bb codes are NOT necessary for the portal to operate, just provides additional options of what you want displayed.
[portalpreview] - You can use this bb code in your post. Only the text between these tags will be shown on the portal as opposed to the entire post.​
[portalpreview=exclusive] - If you use the exclusive bb code, the text between these tags will be shown on the Portal only, not in the post itself.​
Use as Newsfeed
Enabling this feature ignores the display order for post and lists them chronologically instead.​
It should be noted that Simple Portal does not have permissions checks. Because of the modular implementation, which allows us to grab all possible content types, we needed this addon to be fast and simple. Having said that, you could set a "premium", restricted article to display on the portal, limit the characters shown so that only 50 characters display, and when the user clicks "Continue Reading" they will then be prompted with the no permission page allowing the user to preview your premium content and encourage your users to purchase an upgrade to view the full article. Nice huh?
Simple Portal is exactly that, simple. It does not have seperate visible states either. Meaning, if the original content is deleted from your forum, it will be deleted from the portal as well. If the original content is on moderation, it won't be visible on the portal either. Bottom line, if you want to show a post on the portal, click Link it to Portal, if you want to remove a certain post, delete it from portal. Couldn't be any simpler.

Category Cache Rebuild
Please use the "Manage Portal Items" Page to delete portal items!
If you deleted a portal item via a sql query, the category counter won't be updated!
To fix this, you'll need to rebuild the category cache! This feature can be found in your ACP => Tools => Rebuild Caches
Hmmmm. I have some fiddling to do then, because it's not working that way for me.
Running 1.1.4 and all templates are current. It may be an .htaccess issue as I recall having to fiddle with it some time ago to get something to work properly in conjunction with mod_security. Lemme fiddle with it some and I'll report back.
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**sigh** Looks like I have some major work in my near future then, as I really do want the portal to show as the domain root.

**sigh** Looks like I have some major work in my near future then, as I really do want the portal to show as the domain root.

Okay, I have good news for you :)
Stop worrying about what I'm quoting here, we're creating an addon for it.

We don't know if it's going to be a feature of Simple Portal though. We're not even sure if it's gonna be paid or free. But we're creating it :)
XF is in /forum as I had hopes for a working WordPress bridge before now.
To come back to this.

Is your installation like , where the forum is in a subdirectory?
And now you want to have the portal content on and the forum and everything else stays as it is in ?

I'm curios how many other users would be interested in such a feature?
If there are enough, it would be worth to rewrite Simple Portal, if not, it would be released as 2 additional addons
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