Implemented Signup Idea's

Sir nick

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Hello guys,

As i was signing up i had some errors due to the name was already taken. Well i am suggesting that we add jquery to check if the name is already taken and if passwords match and valid email account.

It just makes it easier for me and is a feature i would love to see.


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… another thing I noticed: When your are missing a mandatory field, you can go back (Safari asked me to submit that form again) but you have to enter your username again. I am not sure, bug or not? Definitely annoying. :)


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It actually does this, but it looks like it's triggered by onchange of the name input, so given that it's coming in with a value, it's not triggering it.

And agreed on losing stuff with submitting the form. Generally, I would prefer not to have to redirect back, but use ajax to check validation, but there are cases where the redirect is necessary.