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Just now I noticed that, the signature is not visible to the forum members. But, I can see the signatures! Guest can also see the signatures.

Looks like some permission issues. I tried, but I'm unable to find the solution!

Please help me to fix this.

If possible, please help me to make that option "checked" for all the already registered users? I hope, an SQL query will update this preference of all users. Same like: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/mass-edit-preference.104211/#post-978093

That option is checked by default. So if a member has unchecked it, they must have their reasons for doing so. And I think the same like @Brogan, you should not be changing member settings/preferences without their explicit permission. It might not sit well with them and it can result in them leaving your forum.

That said, you can accomplish what you asked by excecuting this sql query.

UPDATE xf_user_option SET content_show_signature = 1;

I think that being cautious will be the best approach towards this. Excecute first this sql query

SELECT user.username, signature.content_show_signature
FROM xf_user AS user
LEFT JOIN xf_user_option AS signature
ON (user.user_id = signature.user_id)
WHERE signature.content_show_signature = 1;

Then make a note if you have important members that have disabled that field, and you can excecute this sql query instead to exclude them.

UPDATE xf_user_option SET content_show_signature = 1 WHERE user_id NOT IN (x,y);

You must replace x and y values in the query with the id 's of the users who will not be affected by the query.
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