XF 1.2 Sign Up & Login Button not working.

Tracy Perry

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This is the error in the console:
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Try turning off CloudFlare, or at the very least RocketLoader.
I really.... Really.... REALLY wish people would READ the CloudFlare warnings that go with the BETA tag on that stinking RocketLoader instead of "Gee, this sounds neat, I think I'll enable it" process that is frequently done. :D
It hasn't just bitten you - if you do a search on RocketLoader (or as I call it Rocket<not>Loader) in the forum you will see a LOT of problems with it. There are ways around it - you can use it, but you have to place exclusions in their config for certain parts of your site - and that involves more than just clicking the on/off slider, which people don't do because they don't read the warning. :rolleyes: